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Take a Risk, Tell the Truth

Updated: May 20, 2021


Ever been faced with a situation where instead of saying how you really feel you act in a polite, socially acceptable way?

I'm mostly talking about when we're faced with an opportunity to tell an uncomfortable truth, something out of the normal "happy" status quo way of being.

Most of us have been conditioned to think that keeping order is putting on fake personas instead of being honest and real.

But what is the cost of being fake and essentially lying about how we really feel and what we really think?

Dismissing our own inner guidance is a form of self-abuse and not sharing or expressing your own personal truth with someone else when called to is a form of passive emotional abuse to that other person.

When we lie, we hold everyone back from the reality of what is, from the opportunity for more depth and understanding, no matter what the outcome is.

So, while we may not want to Tell The Truth for fear of disturbing the peace, we’re actually lying to ourselves that real peace is there, to begin with.

The result is a world where we don’t know what is real anymore, where the truth can’t be expressed without violence, blame, or projection, and where we don’t know who to trust.

I have a vision of a world where we’re not afraid of getting Real with ourselves. Not afraid of uncovering the hidden truths inside our emotions, bodies, and minds to reveal the fullest expression of our Being, our Truth, and our Soul Path.

We can start this right now, the next time we run into someone we have unfinished business with, or having that conversation we’ve been avoiding.

Take a Risk. Tell The Truth. Only then can we truly start to Co-Create our new realities.

This is one component of my awesome weekly online group, Embodied Wisdom Practice.

Also, my Akashic Records Consultations offer clarity, healing, and next steps through the portal of your own Soul’s Wisdom. ✨

👉🏼To schedule a reading or an Information Call, see my Services page here.

We can support each other to be the change we want to see.

Thank you for listening and for sharing your truth one conversation at a time. :)

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