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"Each Akashic session was profound and subtle, leading to more depth in unexpected ways.

I was able to release both conscious and unconscious issues I have been dealing with for a lifetime with clarity and compassion. It felt quite magical.  


The integration [coaching] sessions were helpful in allowing me to share my experience after some reflection with someone who truly understands the gravity and intensity of such radical shifts in my inner world.


Ashley was able to help me to bring those shifts to consciousness and integrate it into day to day life. I am grateful for the skill and heart that Ashley has brought to this work." ~ E.G.~


The "Got Questions:
Get Answers" 1-month Package

We start with a 1 hour Akashic Records session.
When I open your Records, I become a channel for divine guidance. You'll see where you are on your soul's journey, the obstacles in your way and the pathway forward. We channel universal perspective and specific strategy on how to apply the guidance in your life. You receive energetic and emotional healing, as well as revelation and breakthrough. We are aligning you with your Higher Self, your Purpose.

We then follow with a 30-minute coaching or integration session 1 week later, which helps process and implement the changes that have occurred inside of you as a result of the reading.


We discuss clear, actionable steps to integrate realizations into your life in a practical way to sustain lasting growth and change.

Got Questions: Get Answers

1-month Package

  • 1 hour Akashic Records Session

  • 40-min Coaching/Integration Session

  • E-Mail Support w/ Recordings

  • Suggestions/Homework

  • Accountability and Energetic Support



"Purpose Breakthrough" Package

Partner with Spirit to bring about lasting change.

This is a Full Service Coaching Package, focussing on an aspect of your life that you are wanting to change and addressing the other related areas as necessary.

Partner with Spirit to bring lasting change over a 3-month period in your life.

You know you're on your way to fulfill your purpose already, but you know you can't do it alone. You understand that change means commitment to letting the old you go in order to embrace a new way of life.

You want to work with the Akashic Records monthly to make sure you're on the right track, enhance your intuitive abilities, aligning with Spirit in the best possible way, and feel supported along the way.

You want a strategy, a plan of how to turn your strengths into a career where you're making the world a better place and maximizing your potential.

Akashic Coaching will catalyze your growth to co-create with those changes in life, to re-assess your needs and wants as change happens and to plan for a new future.


Purpose Breakthrough Package

  • 1hr Akashic Records Sessions per month

  • 1hr Coaching/Integration/AR session per month

  • Regularly scheduled meetings, every other week

  • Recordings

  • Notes, Homework, Tracking

  • Email Support

  • SOS Text Support

  • Energetic and Timely Container to catalyze transformation

  • Focus on transforming 1 primary area of life and addressing other related areas along the way.

1 payment of $2000

2 payments of $1150