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1 month Intro Healing + Visionary Guidance Package

Have some questions that need answering? 

Some guidance in life on the big picture and where you're going in life?

Need some healing around some particular issues you're having trouble getting through?


Try this introductory offer including 2, 1hr guidance and healing sessions.


It's the perfect combination of energetic healing and information you need to walk forward with clarity and confidence.

  • 2x, 1hr Akashic Healing + Guidance sessions for your life, career or business

(Normally $444)

$400 USD for 1st time clients

3 month Purpose Mastery Program

 Going through a big identity, career, relationship or Purpose-oriented life transition? 

Feeling stuck or blocked or confused with where you're at in life?

Wanting to live your life with passion, clarity, confidence and direction every day?

This one-of-a-kind coaching package combines energetic clearing and higher guidance channeling sessions with a practical, 6-step coaching program uniquely developed to help you identify and understand your life purpose and application of that on the deepest level in just 7 sessions. 

  • 7x, 1hr Zoom sessions over 4 months

  • I personally walk you through a 6-step Purpose Mastery process I developed that has been tested and works

  • Akashic Records sessions that include emotional healing, energetic and karmic clearing, connecting to the wisdom and guidance of your higher self / guides / angels, according to your soul's blueprint. (plus cord cutting, future timeline connections, relationship and ancestral clearing if needed) 

  • Purpose Mastery workbook delivered modularly to your inbox each week with articles, reflections, teachings, exercises, homework, journal prompts, practices and more.

  • Weekly check-ins and Email access for questions

  • Recordings of all the sessions


If you have questions,
email me at

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