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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic library of all information in the Quantum Field - past, present, and future. 


They are found in every spiritual tradition. In the Bible they are known as the Book of Life. Other traditions refer to The Akashic Records as the Universal Mind, the Eye of God, and the Word of God.


The word "Akasha" comes from Sanskrit and refers to the Space from which all other elements are derived.


In essence, the Akashic Records are a direct link to Source itself.


We are actually all accessing our Akashic Records, but often don't recognize it. You know you are receiving messages from the Akashic Records when you are intuitively guided about something, when you receive clear messages in dreams, meditating or perhaps even awake, when divine inspiration strikes, when you're in your creative flow, when a vision appears, etc. 


However when we work with an Akashic Records Consultant, we open up direct access to the wisdom of your Higher Self, Guides and Soul Purpose.


Each person has his/her own personal Record or energetic blueprint encompassing his/her Soul's past, present and future, throughout all time and space. You can call it a Soul Book.


When I open the Akashic Records for someone else or myself, I am accessing a much higher level frequency than what we use to exist normally in our everyday life.  


I open up a healing channel so the wisdom and energies that are in your highest good can flow through smoothly and easily. 


The sessions can be used for spiritual counseling or coaching, to receive guidance about life issues, such as relationships, career, locations, business, health, money and more.


They can also be used for much needed emotional/physical/spiritual healing or releasing unwanted blocks and supporting new ways of being.


It is completely organic process. Even if you don't know consciously what you need, you will be guided through the process. Beyond just information, some energetic healing techniques I use are:


  • Energetic cord cutting (from people, places, addictions)

  • Soul Agreement Activation (for relationships, clients, friendships, participants, a new job, consulting projects) or contacting.

  • Regression therapy for re-patterning

  • Ancestral Healing



One of the most powerful things I find about accessing the Akashic Records is we get to feel the support from Beyond and see ourselves through the eyes of a truly benevolent force - with total compassion, recognition, unconditional love, reverence and awe.


We often don't realise (especially in hard times) that we actually are being looked after and supported through everything. Our Records and Guides are just waiting for us to reach out and receive their support. 


Inside these sessions, we get the opportunity to see and feel this support first hand, as well as an opportunity to grow, expand and evolve in ways we may never have imagined possible.

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