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Ashley petting a cow

About Ashley

Ashley is an intuitive healer, compassionate guide and practical coach for professionals who want their deepest purpose to be reflected in their daily work and lives.


Ashley guided spiritually curious through yoga and meditation retreats in Thailand and Bali for many years before transitioning to coaching successful entrepreneurs through Life Purpose driven adventure retreats and eventually moving into working with the Akashic Records, intuitive healing and private coaching. She now resides in Austin, Tx.


Ashley holds a powerful space of unconditional love and wisdom, tapping into the eternal knowing of her client's Higher Self to reflect and convey the Universal lessons they are learning as they walk their path. Deep emotional and energetic healing can occur as these perspectives become clear and the client is able to see and feel their own Divinity, as well as a future path forward they did not see before. 

Ashley's clients feel more connected to their own inner wisdom than ever before, clear and confident about their steps forward into the new chapter of their lives.


 “I felt a wave of all knowing love and support wash over me that left me speechless. It felt like some emotional discomfort had melted away, and that I was being hugged by the universe in the most caring of ways. So much insight became crystal clear to me in that moment.” Alexander Wilcott, C.H.T.


“I was able to make love with my husband last night for the first time in 6 months that was completely heart opening and 100% pain free. It felt like my pelvic floor problems were connected to the emotional attachments and I didn’t even know it. I finally feel safe, secure, strong and ready to deliver this precious soul to earth.”  Rachael Zibilich, Physical Therapist


To contact Ashley about how she can help you, email her at



Ashley is an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner and Master Healer.


She is a 500-RYT Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, avid meditator and student of Vedic Philosophy and Tantra.


Living in Thailand and Bali for 9 years, she taught 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats internationally at Blooming Lotus Yoga. Ashley frequented India for long-term trips to study with masters of the Sri Vidya lineage and visit sacred sites.


Ashley studied interpersonal communications and Somatic bodywork with Dr. Karl Wolfe in Los Angeles for 5 years. She now combines all of her studies into something uniquely her own.  

Healing is now at the heart of everything she does, whether it's leading workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Intuition Development, coaching private clients into personal empowerment through her private coaching programs.

More about Ashley's story is located her the blog entitled The Greatest Gift.

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