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Living Abundantly & w/ Soul

Hello, dear soul ~

Just popping into your inbox to let you know some space has opened up to offer Akashic Frequency Work & Coaching Sessions for this next month.

Please book in using the links below or reach out if you have questions.

A little of my recent story....

These last several months in Costa Rica have been pretty awesome.

I now find myself co-creating a beautiful, abundant life in nature with community, dance, waves, intimate relationships, deeper family connections than ever and opportunities to expand and grow.

I am so grateful for these opportunities in my life and after after a few years of not feeling like things were clicking, it finally does.

I am now creating and coordinating retreats and events for a local resort on the beach in the neighborhood I live in (which is really convenient when you don't have a car!)

If you are a facilitator and are interested in booking a group retreat in Costa Rica this season, let me know! I'd love to introduce you to our space and tell you all about it :)

I live in a beautiful home with a loved one surrounded by lush jungle 5-min walk to the beach.

This lifestyle is providing me the support and healing I needed to expand my breadth of work, focus on myself and on building community here in Pavones.

I have some space for private sessions in the next month and I'd to share some of the evolutions of this work, as well as the good vibes with you through Akashic Frequency work.

Results of these sessions include:

  • More stability, neutrality and trust through challenging times

  • Clarifying confusion and self doubt about relationships and work

  • Making sense of and clearing hidden anxiety and fears

  • Opening your field to more magic and opportunity

  • Moving through big life events with certainty and grace

With each session you will get:

  • A 75-min live private Zoom session

  • Video and Audio Recording to replay later

  • Identification, higher understanding and release of patterns and beliefs around the issue at hand

  • Resources and homework to help you integrate the change

Click here to ---> Book 1 Akashic Session for $148

Click here to ---> Book 3 Akashic Sessions for $295 (Best offer)

If this is something you're really interested in but are unsure of due to cost, feel free to send me an email and let me know. I would love to make this work or other resources available to you if it is helpful.

I recommend 3 within 1 month for deeper work and you can also gift these to friends or family who you think could benefit.

With love and talk soon. Would love to hear how you're doing!


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