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New Podcast on *Living Your Purpose*


How are you? Hope your day is going well!

Finding our Purpose in life is a moment-to-moment journey of living in our most authentic truth.

How to do that, is the question, of course!

Recently, I was asked to be a guest on my dear friend Bindi Stable's podcast called "Vibrant You" to talk about the journey of Purpose.

In this rich and nurturing, 30-min conversation, we covered:

  • The #1 question to ask yourself to uncover your purpose

  • How to raise your vibration to align to a greater purpose

  • The main blocks that come up on the path to living your purpose (and how to overcome them!)

  • The top signs you’re living out of sync with your purpose (and how to get back in alignment!)

  • Signs of a “full body yes” and a “full body no” to opportunities we receive

  • The layers of purpose and how they express themselves in our lives

  • How to decipher your intuitive voice from the voice of fear

  • The 4 steps to connecting to your intuition and deciding from that place

To listen, or share with a friend who'd be inspired, check them out here:


I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts. You can email me, comment or share.

Grateful to be on the journey with you guys and have a beautiful day!



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