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Sorry for that thing my Pain Body did.... :-/


I hope this finds you well!

Have you experienced the Pain Body lately?

When our pain body is triggered, it can feel like we are a victim - like an event is happening "to" us rather than for us - and that people are acting against us, purposefully.

This is a tough spot to be in.

Especially if you aren't able to separate your Self from the pain of the emotion you're experiencing.

It can spiral into lashing out or self-loathing and self-destructive behavior like aggressive driving, causing someone else emotional pain, consuming alcohol or worse...and make the following hours of your day pretty crappy.

The Pain Body is a term coined by Eckhart Tolle who described it as a conglomeration of un-integrated painful memories that waits to be triggered and then surfaces as a way to justify one's story of victim, which bolsters the Ego.

It is essentially saying "My story of victim is correct, which justifies my position in life and keeps me safe where I'm at."

This pain body can be so powerful and overtake our perception of reality in the moment, rippling out into other areas of our life causing real problems for us. It can be very destructive, affecting our personal relationships, our work, even our physical health.

I had a teacher in my 20's who used to talk about the pain body emerging when we're making leaps in personal growth.

Karl used to say, "Be careful when you grow spiritually because your Ego will try to take you out."

The Ego likes to keep us safe and contained where we are. Moving into another level of awareness is an unknown state of Being. Sometimes we will attract painful situations to convince us to stay small.

One way to notice if the pain body is triggered is when you feel confused by someone else's actions and it creates a domino effect of emotions inside of you.

Staying connected to the body and to your Center is crucial at this time.

When we're triggered, we go into a false reality generated by the mind - we leave our bodies because we don't want to feel the pain of our past....

Doing breathwork, physical self-soothing, grounded movement, singing, submerging in water, anything that will keep you focussed on connecting to your center in a safe way is better than taking action on or with the situation that triggered you.

Because the action you will likely take in that moment will be self destructive and from the pain body perspective, the small self.

If you are connected to your Center, then you are identifying with your core, the Self that is not affected by events around her.

This will create neutrality between you and the situation, so you can see the patterns or stories that are running and decide whether you want to hold on to them or not.

This is real power.

And it's something I not only work on as a lifelong practice for myself, but help people with in my Akashic Frequency Work sessions.

The Akashic Frequency Work will target the unhealthy stories in your subconscious field and release them so that you feel lighter and more free.

By releasing distortions in your pain body, you will get triggered less, raise your frequency and attract new opportunities and experiences.

Right now, I'm offering single and double Akashic Frequency Work sessions for a special promo price.

Book your frequency sessions until Nov 30th at this special offer and prepare yourself for the holiday season :)

Have a beautiful day!


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