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Quarantine Kriyas - Bhastrika Breath

How to do Bhastrika

Practicing Bhastrika

This is a powerful technique you can use to move and remove energy from your field. When I say "field", I mean the mental/emotional static floating around in your etheric body. It also clears your energetic body of stuck patterns, allowing cathartic releases through ecstatic breath and sound.

In addition, this potent practice strengthens and heats your energetic body, revealing a more vibrant, healthy, joyful YOU underneath.

In a time where we are not moving around as much, stuck at home and perhaps not able to shift energy in the ways we are used to, this, done 3-5 minutes a day either by itself or coupled with another one of your favorite movement or breathing exercises, can do wonders.

It's said to be a transformative practice that helps:

-energize and tone the nervous system

-boost immunity and metabolism

-tone the digestive system

-clears the 3rd and 4th chakras (solar plexus and heart)

-clarifies the mind

-circulates blood and oxygen

-relieves tension, anxiety, anger and depression

Starting off, this practice will seem silly and perhaps strong and hard to do for any length of time. But a past tantra teacher, Psalm Isadora, would say that while you can take breaks and return to the practice, keep doing it, push through, see your pain dissipate and transform into blissful, ecstatic pleasure. <3

Am so grateful to have this kriya in my tool-chest. Thank you @psalmisadora

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