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Akashic Meditation to Merge with Your Higher Self

I want to share an meditation practice you can do to merge with your Higher Self.

With this practice, you can elevate your mood, raise your vibration or receive deeper insights into life's questions.

Yesterday, a sadness came over me. Usually sadness doesn't linger for me, but this time it did, and I felt despondent and confused about some things in my life and decisions I needed to make.

In meditation, I asked to merge with my Higher Self and what I experienced was a slow, deliberate merging take place. During the merge, I felt the transformation from my slightly elevated state of meditation to a much more elevated, lighter and brighter state than before. The sadness and heaviness had gone away completely and I was in a state of joy. I was able to ask questions freely of my Higher Self and receive answers.

During an Akashic Records session, we go beyond our physical, 3rd Dimensional Reality into a blended consciousness, where we are able to access much more information experientially than in our normal waking state. It's like being in a room with your Higher Self, your guides and angels and having a conversation with them.

Our Higher Self or Soul exists beyond the limitations of physical reality and time, so when we tap in it's like the veil is lifted. We suddenly understand situations in different and deeper ways, we can find answers and make connections that were not available to us in our normal reality, and we can elevate ourselves beyond stuck moods or triggered habits.

I hope you enjoy this meditation video to Merge with Your Higher Self. It's about 26 minutes long with an intro and outro. To skip the intro, go to 1min,50 sec in. Bring a notebook and a pen.

If you would like to schedule an Akashic Records session to get deep insights about your life and support from beyond the veil, you may

Thank you! I hope to see you soon.

Love, Ashley


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