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Juicy Hips - Luscious Backbends - Yoga + Pranayama + Meditation Practice

Dive into a deep and juicy release for the hips and low back with this Level 2, 1 hour, 20 minute complete yoga practice.

55 minutes for Yoga, 15 minutes for Pranayama and 5 minutes silent meditation at the end.

This sequence contains 2 pranayama practices that should be reviewed before the class, so you can move seamlessly through the practice without stopping. If you are not familiar with Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath) or Kapalabhati Breath, please watch my instructional videos on them (links above).

Slight disclaimer - This is a Level 2 practice, which means I'm not giving full instruction on poses or many alternatives for poses. If you have lower back, hip or knee injuries, please do this practice with care and do modifications for poses you feel could be risky for your range or body.

This is my first ever yoga video! And my practice is ever evolving. In fact, I feel I'm in a space of unlearning a lot of the rigid yoga practices I've adhered to for so long. In this unraveling practice, I'm exploring other ways to move, feel and show. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

With love,


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