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Quarantine Kriyas - Kapalabhati Breath



Kapalabhati Breath is one of the best things we can be doing for those of us who are in covid-19 quarantine right now - and honestly, is one of the best breath practices to do period.

Do this practice 5-15 minutes a day every day for 2 weeks (or more!) and watch your digestion improve, mood enliven, energy rise, core-body strengthen, nervous system soothe and mind become more clear!

Being at home (or wherever you are calling home right now) much more than usual is becoming a challenge for many people, including myself, during this world-wide quarantine. This pranayama is one I make a necessity for my daily practice to keep me healthy and sane.

Please remember if you are menstruating, not to do this one, or if you are experiencing loose stool. Otherwise, please enjoy the euphoria and blessings this amazing breath practice has to offer.

Lots of Love!

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