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What the Akashic Records are and How to Use Them

The term “Akashic Records” refers to the recorded library of all information, every vibration ever made in the Universe.

In Sanskrit the “Akash” refers to "Space," the element or substance of which every other element is derived, but there are references to these records in all wisdom traditions. (ex. The Book of Life, The Word of God, etc.)

We can call it a "library" or a book if it helps to conceptualize it, but with the understanding that these descriptions are limiting. Books refer to knowledge we read and learn about, but the records are imprinted already in our own Soul, in our DNA, so we feel and experience them. When we're in the Records, we are activating that part of us we already know on some level, but perhaps aren't aware of now.

Everyone has a section of the Records that is unique to them - their vibration, their Soul’s memory. It records every aspect of who we are and every possibility we could have, throughout all dimensions, time and space.

A unique Akashic Record exists for every group, topic, association and place, also. You may have felt your city, family, school or friend group has a soul? Or collective subconscious???

When I access someone’s Akashic Records, I am opening up a healing portal and become the channel through which this wisdom can be shared - I am working as a channel, but I am in a “blended state of consciousness.” Meaning, I’m partially there talking to you and partially in this other state.

You may be in that, too, if you notice. It’s definitely something my many years of yoga and meditation trained me for ;-)

We are actually tapping into the Akashic Records every time we receive intuitive guidance in dreams, in meditation, in our waking state, or in periods of deep creative flow, etc.

Having an Akashic Records session is like turning up the volume on all of that and a channeller to help read the information or healing you seek.

Inside the Records, we can discover truths about our relationships, our physical well-being, our soul journey, our soul “contracts,” access our guides, receive emotional healing to release, reclaim, retrain, and much much more.

It contains every imaginable topic regarding ourselves and our life paths.

And whilst we do like to compartmentalise topics in our society, the Records will give you information that is holistic in nature. So, often-times other aspects of our lives will be tied in to the answers that come through, like life lessons, past life trauma and more.

The energy of the Akashic Records is already in the frequency of Pure Love, so the answers we receive give us deep empowerment, understanding, hope and openness to life's possibilities we couldn’t see before.

They connect us to the Oneness of all things and help us to see ourselves in a much more loving and compassionate light.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! :)

If you are interested or would like to know more, feel free to arrange a connection call with me, or book a session online here.

Love and blessings!


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