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Let It Be Known. Spirit is Calling You Home

Artist: Artem Chebokha


The picture above "Sky Whales," is how being in the Akashic Records makes me feel. Connected to my own Divinity.

Even in the toughest of times, sitting in your Akashic Records is a timeless space of love and support.

For things that need to be lovingly released, they are gently brought to your attention and held in a space of unconditional love, lifted and let go more easily than ever before.

As if someone or something is there holding you, allowing the process of evolution to happen smoothly and easily.

There are tears if tears need to come. There is Truth always. There is Higher Understanding on the connection of multiple aspects of your life and clarity on next steps.

In the loving light of Spirit, there is no wrongdoing. All is held in Love and Compassion. If there are hard truths ahead, the wisdom is passed on along with love and gives you strength, knowing that what is on the other side of the struggle is a freedom you've never known before.

In the end, there is no end to the expansion that can take place within the Records

- To understand our paths from a Higher Perspective

- To have faith in life and world that can sometimes feel difficult to understand the “why?” The “why” becomes clearer than ever before.

How can you use the Akashic Records?

- For consulting on how to move forward or how to be more aligned.

- To heighten your intuition and gain confidence in your divine purpose, mission and path.

- To take care of your mental, emotional and physical needs.

-To address and integrate long-held beliefs that may not be serving you any longer

-To activate your blueprint, your purpose, your abilities and take your consciousness even higher

-To feel more empowered in your life

People want to know what the answers are in times of crisis. They think that knowing the future is the answer, but it's not. Because it's all still being written.

Opening our Records can get us in touch with our own Inner Compass and the Higher Plan for our Soul in a way that helps us take control of our life again, feel our own Inner Knowing about things, stand firm in our own Self-Authority.

Everything we do can be guided for our Highest Benefit, but the details of how things happen are being written by the choices we make and how we choose to deal.

So, for people who want to know if the Akashic Records can give a specific outcome, it’s like this:

As a colleague once pointed out:

“Are you ready to heal?”

Are you ready to be guided in a way that is profound beyond your expectations?

Are you ready to listen to and really hear what is necessary to open to the Highest Level of Love possible in your life?

This is what the Akashic Records have brought to my life and others who have experienced them as well.

Let it be known. Spirit is calling you Home.

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