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Guides v. Angels v. Higher Self v. Source?

Who or what are we communicating with when we open the Akashic Records?

How we work with the Records and choose to explain our experience will be completely different and totally subjective. It’s important not to get caught up in the language and just apply your experience to however feels natural for you.

That’s why when I speak of it, I often say “Source/Guides/Angles/Higher Self” - to cover it all, although you may experience it in just one of these ways or none of these ways.

Here’s my experience:

How I have learned to access the Records is by saying a prayer in a particular way (as this is the way I have been initiated to receive), and then receiving the information through seeing, knowing feeling or hearing.

How it's been explained to me is, the info comes through entities called the Akashic Record Keepers/Guides/Guardians/Lords. Although, ultimately, we have direct access to everything through Source, itself. And this may resonate with you more, to relate to it in this way....

The Record Keepers (or Source) only shares what the questioner is ready to hear and will protect their information from people or beings who have no permission to access them.

For example, I can only open your Records with your permission, or receive info about people, groups, organisations that you’re involved with - but only the info that is relative to you.

I can’t, for example, open the Akashic Records of Brad Pitt and get the “downloads” on the inner workings of his heart or mind or dreams or intentions or relationships, past or future. :)

But I can, for example, ask about the motivations or psychic/emotional circumstances of someone who wants to go into business with me. The information that comes through will be relevant in helping me make that decision.

Sometimes, we can feel our personal Guides and Angels present when we open the Records.

This could be tribe from past lifetimes, family members who have past on, spirits or entities who are here to help us in this lifetime, or other benevolent sources of support from beyond who aren’t necessarily the Record Keepers themselves are here to help us.

We may experience it as a conversation with our Higher Self or a Conversation with God/Source. We may experience it as in an actual Library or Hall of Records and reading from an actual Soul Book….

And even still, we may experience them as simply downloading the energy and info directly from Source or the Quantum Field itself.

What’s important is that we trust our own experience and pay attention to how our experience lands, whether we are playing in these other realms on our own, or having an Akashic Records session with an proper Practitioner.

Have you ever had an Akashic Records experience or reading specifically and would like to share your experience with me?

Let me know by replying to this email or to book an appointment, please visit my website here.

With love,


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