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A Message from Beyond

I offer this up as a universal message from beyond. We may skim over it and hear it a thousand times, but when you feel it, it can truly be all that you need. This is not lip service. It’s 100% true for everyone.

You are not alone. And despite times of confusion and despair, we have been with you. You have been supported and carried through this life, through all of your hardships, through all of your confusion and struggles. Even when you thought you were all alone, we were there. Everything you’ve gone through has not been in vein or a mistake. Know who you are and that there is a bigger plan playing out. Keep dialing in to that deeper part of you that knows you’re not alone and knows you have everything you need inside of you.


So, my offering is this - support is always there for us, but If we cannot see or hear it, we DO feel lost. How do we start to feel supported? We have to do things that support our inner connection.

So, write a few things down that make you feel full, connected and whole and then start checking them off your list.

For example, mine would be:

  • Take a walk in nature and get lost

  • Swim in the ocean

  • Dance/Sing with abandon

  • Play music, make music, even if it’s bad

  • Do art, even if it’s bad

  • Cook

  • Take a bath

  • Give myself space to dream

It’s so easy to get swallowed up in the rate race and to be motivated by fear, but we are not listening to our inner guidance when we do that. We sometimes need to be reminded that They (our guides, angels, the Universe, Life) are really here for us. All we need to do is tap in.

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