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Life Purpose Coach
Spiritual Business Strategist

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Life is how we fully express our potential.
Are you living yours yet?

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When we aren't living our inherent potential, it feels like:

boredom, anxiety, confusion, disease and depression.

The major challenges we face are are a direct result of 3 things:

Disconnection from our Purpose

Limiting beliefs from our past

An unclear vision of what's possible

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But when you know your Purpose and have a clear actionable path, you understand why you're here. You have purpose and feel connected Life every single day.

"We uncovered physical, energetic, emotional & psychological dilemmas in my life, showing me the interrelationship of these challenges. The coaching offered me deep insight into how to transform and move forward. I felt shifts in my subtle field from the healing work we did during the session. I will definitely work with her again!"

~Haylee Burton, Visionary Artist, Musician and Yoga Teacher ~ 

Bali, Indonesia

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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Ashley, a guide and spiritual strategist.

I help professionals like you who want to bring more meaning to their life and career, connect to their Purpose and move through obstacles with ease and clarity into a more expanded version of themselves.

I bring 20 years of combined expertise in Spiritual and Therapeutic Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Entrepreneurial Business Development, Energy Anatomy, Emotional Trauma Therapy, and Somatic Therapy to my coaching programs. 

I use the Akashic Records, which is a deep spiritual place we access together, to access your gifts, your purpose and wisdom from your Higher Self to bring you clarity in how to move forward and get the highest possible outcome.


After my first career managing film productions in Los Angeles, I spent almost a decade studying & teaching in the sacred lands of Bali, Thailand and India. I now reside in Austin, TX.

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What I can do for you

Working with me is addressing the full package. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are getting to the heart of what is holding you back from fully expressing your Soul's Purpose.

From no job to job. From boring career to doing what you're passionate about and applying skills you didn't even know you had. From challenging relationships to nurturing connections. From wanting to take the leap, to actually doing it with confidence, security and higher knowing guiding your way. 

"My life has taken some incredibly good turns since doing the Akashic Coaching sessions with Ashley, such as my first Australia retreat selling out with the biggest group yet."

~ Rick Cowley, Creator of VysionQuest Retreats ~

Sunshine Coast, Australia