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Ashley Beasley Life Coach

Intuitive & Empowerment Guide for Clarity & Purpose


Life is how we fully express our passions and purpose.

Are you living yours?

Ashley Beasley expressing playfulness
Hi, I'm Ashley.

I support professionals to clarify their Purpose, vision and sense of self as they transition into more meaningful and impactful lives.


I use a process I developed over 20+ years of training with masters in the U.S., Thailand, Bali, Nepal and India - and applying that over 10 years of teaching in depth retreats and trainings.

My expertise lies in somatic therapy and emotional healing, spiritual philosophy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work and practical life coaching.


After my first career in Los Angeles film production, I spent almost a decade living in Asia as a student and teacher of yoga and the healing arts. I now work online from Costa Rica and teach in person retreats.


" The stress, confusion and stagnation we face in life is a direct result of 3 things:

1) Disconnection from our Purpose

2) Old stories & energy stuck in the body

3) Lack of faith in ourselves to make the right decisions 

When you know your Purpose and have a clear path forward, you can more easily live every day feeling flow, accomplishment and a sense of meaning." 

Ashley Beasley


Image by Camille Minouflet
Image by Aaron Burden

This work is for you if:

  • You feel undervalued at work by your boss and unsupported by your colleagues.

  • You are getting ready to take a sabbatical to figure out what you want to do for work that is more fulfilling, meaningful and in line with who you are now.

  • You are a busy, professional mom juggling kids, a husband and a job and need some support to make sure you're taking care of your needs and deeper desires.

  • You want to leave the corporate world and find out what your deeper desires, needs, skills and abilities are, so that you can eventually transition to more meaningful work.

  • You know what you want to do, but you lack the confidence and clarity to make the big leaps necessarily, out of your comfort zone, in order to do it.

  • Your kids are finally out of the house and you are overwhelmed with the directions you could take, where to put your energy, to start fulfilling your deeper needs for the next chapter of your life.

  • You are getting divorced and you need some stability to get you through this time.

Image by Colin Watts

The results you'll get:

  • Find more fulfilling work and daily life

  • Clarify your life purpose, career or business path

  • Build trust and confidence in the decisions you are making

  • Overcome confusion, self-doubt, overwhelm, career burnout, and relationship challenges

  • Get accountability and consistency support on a path to healing and growth
  • Move through big life events with certainty and grace

  • Strengthen your intuition, grounding and stability

  • Make sense of and overcome hidden fears 

Image by Iain Kennedy

Amy Catherine Chibib, Founder of Life that Works Coaching

Since working with Ashley I have felt more grounded and have seen swift and easy movement of important transactions that needed to occur in order to clear the space for my creative pursuits. I am realizing these changes on a weekly basis. She has consistently shown up for me - seen me and offered powerful insight with deep truths I have needed to bring to light. I am moving forward with much more certainty and clarity than I was seeking. I am trusting my intuition and know that what I offer is valuable in all areas of my life!


Erin Henry, MSW, LCSW, Founder of Rewild Therapy and Wellness

I have emerged as a new person. I feel lighter and brighter, my relationship with my partner is thriving after cutting some old cords, I have clarity in my business direction and goals and am thriving in that area with confidence, and I have let go of many old relationships that were no longer serving me. I am deeply grateful for her help and support and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking clarity, needing support, and who is ready to move forward


Stephanie Lanier, Founder of NEO Strategic

I now have 2 jobs! Since working with Ashley, I have a lot more clarity about what I am meant to be focussing on right now, faith that when I hear the 'call' I need to follow it, and peace about my current living situation being right for now until the right next step is revealed to me. Most importantly, I have an unshakable belief in the ability to tap into the Akashic records and request and receive the support and healing needed from the Divine Masters.

Image by Iain Kennedy
Screen Shot 2023-08-26 at 8.24.28 PM.png

Rick Cowley, Founder of VysionQuest

"My life has taken some incredibly good turns since doing the Akashic Coaching sessions with Ashley, such as my first Australia retreat selling out with the biggest group yet."

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Haylee Clare, Visionary Artist, Musician and Yoga Teacher

"We uncovered physical, energetic, emotional & psychological dilemmas in my life, showing me the interrelationship of these challenges. The coaching offered me deep insight into how to transform and move forward. I felt shifts in my subtle field from the healing work we did during the session. I will definitely work with her again!"

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Jana Swick, Founder of Holistic Bioenergetics

Ashley will help you achieve unimaginable breakthroughs. Our paths crossed at the perfect time and I will always contribute my biggest growth and breakthrough in starting my practice to the help Ashley provided me with her services.” 

  • What type of yoga do you teach?
    I teach my own style, but it can basically be described as a mix between basic hatha postures, deep stretching and somatic movements that work on nervous system balancing directly. My teaching speed ranges from yin and restorative - holding passive postures for 2-10 minutes and medium, vinyasa style flow. I always take injuries, experience levels and different body shapes and capacities into account when teaching and work with where the students are at. I like using emotional, sensory and breath capacity feedback as cues to keep pointing student's attention inward. Long savasanas and some sound vibration at the end of classes are usually how I close.
  • What kind of meditation do you teach?
    We focus on mind/body connection and awareness techniques, breath awareness, building awareness of different energy centers in the body and sensations/emotions, as well as allowing you time and space to explore pure beingness, the space between thoughts, the void. While these techniques are ubiquitous and prevalent across many different traditions, styles and cultures meditation, it could predominantly be described as based in Vedic philosophy while focussing on energy/sensations/emotions in the body.
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