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Discover your Purpose
Master the Transition

Things you're feeling...

  • Uninspired with your career

  • Wanting to apply yourself in a meaningful and inspiring way for You.

  • Anxious because you are on the cusp of a big change

  • Worried what it could mean for your identity, your stability and your relationships 

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Why it's not working...

  • You've done other programs that keep you focussed on achieving outside of yourself but skip over the underlying issues that hold you back.

  • You have inner work to do that you know traditional life coaching couldn't help. You need deeper support. 

  • You crave spiritual connection and higher understanding of your Life Path, as well as the practical support of how to connect with your vision. 

  • You need the Woo Woo And the How To. 

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Why Purpose Mastery?

  • Find your Unique Soul Purpose and how to express it so you feel fully aligned, confident, clear and motivated each day

  • Grow a stronger connection with your intuition and hone your own internal guidance system

  • Dissolve mental conditioning and emotional blocks stored in your subconscious to free up creativity and feel less stressed

  • Clarify your future Vision and start taking steps toward it!

Spiral Staircase

The Program Steps

1) From a physical and soul perspective, where have I come from and where am I now in my journey?


2) What are my values and virtues, and how can I move into deeper alignment with those in my life now? What are the major lessons I’m here to learn?


3) If I removed all the obstacles in my life, where is this journey taking me? Where does my soul long to be/go/create?


4) What is the vision I hold for the world and what is my part in that? What are my unique gifts that I am meant to embody fully and share with the world?


5) What are the body/mind/heart techniques I can apply daily in order to help me fully embody these gifts?


6) What are the steps I can make to start embodying my Vision? 

Image by Sean Oulashin

Private Program Inclusions:

  • 12, 1hr Akashic Healing/Coaching sessions to walk you through the program, process your progress and reveal your deeper truth through the Akashic Records. 

  • The Purpose Mastery Manual PDF with 7 modules, curated practices, journal and reflection prompts and exercises to keep you on track 

  • Accountability throughout, Email checkins when needed


  • Recordings of all the zoom sessions

Image by Matt Cannon
1:1 Purpose Mastery Program

 Cost: $2,899 USD paid in full

or 6 monthly payments of $549

(email to register this way

If you'd like to ask questions and see if this program is right for you, we can schedule a call or email me at

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