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Discover your Purpose
Master the Transition

A 6-week online group container with private Akashic Records sessions to get from not knowing what your next life or career move is or how to get there, to clarity and confidence of your aligned purpose and mission from a deep inner state of connectivity with spirit and awareness and a roadmap to get there.

Next cohort starts
end of May!

Feeling uninspired, depressed, wanting to change careers, anxious, wanting change, but not knowing how...

Things you're feeling...

  • Uninspired with your career

  • Wanting to apply yourself in a meaningful and inspiring way for You.

  • Anxious because you are on the cusp of a big change

  • Worried what it could mean for your identity, your stability and your relationships 

Looking for a deeper connection, spiritual guidance, inner compass, connection to purpose and mission

Why it's not working...

  • You've done other programs that keep you focussed on achieving outside of yourself but skip over the underlying issues that hold you back.

  • You have inner work to do that you know traditional life coaching couldn't help. You need deeper support. 

  • You crave spiritual connection and higher understanding of your Life Path, as well as the practical support of how to connect with your vision. 

  • You need the Woo Woo And the How To. 

Feel aligned, clear, confident, clarity for the future, walking forward on your path

Why Purpose Mastery?

  • Find your Unique Soul Purpose and how to express it so you feel fully aligned, confident, clear and motivated each day

  • Grow a stronger connection with your intuition and hone your own internal guidance system

  • Dissolve mental conditioning and emotional blocks stored in your subconscious to free up creativity and feel less stressed

  • Clarify your future Vision and start taking steps toward it!

Vision, purpose, values, desires, obstacles, journey, gifts, unique, better world

The Program Steps

1) From a physical and soul perspective, where have I come from and where am I now in my journey? 

What's not working & what can I change now to support myself?


2) What are your values and how are you most valued?


3) What are your values and virtues and where are you out of alignment with those?


4) If I removed all the obstacles in my life, where is this journey taking me? Where does my soul long to be/go/create?


5) What is the vision I hold for the world and what is my part in that? What are my unique gifts that I am meant to embody fully and share with the world?


6) What are the steps I can make to start embodying my Vision?

Group Coaching, Akashic Records, Purpose, Vision, Workbook, Group Coaching Calls, Private Coaching Calls, Hot Seat, group healing, accountability

Group Program Inclusions:

  • 6x 2-hour group coaching zoom sessions with hot-seat coaching, group healing and program content Q+A 

  • 3x 1-hour Private Akashic Records Healing and Visioning sessions with Ashley Priscilla for deep dive 1:1 support to clear challenges and open up new opportunities in the field. 

  • The Purpose Mastery Codex with 6 modules, curated practices, journal and reflection prompts and exercises to keep you engaged and on track.

  • Private Purpose Mastery Group community to give and receive accountability and support throughout.


  • Recordings of zoom sessions for life.

Image by Matt Cannon
Purpose Mastery Group Online Program

 Cost: $2,899 USD paid in full

Monthly payments available

Next cohort starts
end of May!

If you'd like to ask questions and see if this program is right for you, we can schedule a call or email me at

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