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for Empaths

October 13 - Nov 17

A 5-week, Magical Group Program
to release codependent patterns, adopt a powerful toolkit of energy elevating and protecting practices and connect to a deeper sense of Self through Soul Purpose.

Are you an Empathic woman?

Have you somehow lost yourself of gotten off track from your Purpose, Direction and Power?
Ashley Beasley at peace

Empaths are the emotional processors of the world.
This is part of our collective purpose.

But often, Empaths get enmeshed with others and with life pressures, leaving them feeling swallowed and without a sense of Self, Power and Purpose.

Relationship stress

When this happens, we can feel:

  • Unacknowledged for our real worth.

  • That we're supporting others reach their dreams and goals before our own.

  • That we are compromising too much.

  • That we're giving our power away but not receiving what we need

  • Generally affected by those around us.

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But there is another way....


Compassionate Empaths can be powerful forces without giving their energy away....

Energetics for Empaths

is no ordinary program....


We use potent energetic practices as well and the

*Akashic Records* to bring quantum level healing so you:

  • Identify where your boundaries are and when they are being crossed.

  • Find out what your most important needs are and how to get them met.

  • Learn strong and effective energetic tools to ground, clear & protect your energy field.

  • Release unhealthy patterns and tendencies from past trauma that keep you from realizing your highest potential.

  • Increase your sense of Self Love, manifold.

Life Coach Ashley P Beasley smiling

Hi, my name is 
Ashley Beasley.


I'm an

Akashic Records Channeler, Energy Healer & Somatic Guide from Bali!

I bring 20 years of experience in Yoga, Meditation, Somatic Arts, and Quantum level healing from the Akashic Records, as well as 9 years living & teaching in Bali and Thailand into this

powerful & fundamental  Energetics for Empaths program!

*FYI, The Akashic Records are a heightened field of consciousness containing information used for the evolution of your soul's highest path.​*

This course is Pure Magic!
I will be sharing:

Alchemical science of ritual, ceremony and the alter

Womb Healing and Blood Magic

*Emotional Healing &
Trauma Therapy*

The Art of Manifestation

The magic of the Akashic Records

Energetic tools for daily use

The Magic of Consistency & Commitment over time

We cover topics such as fear & attachment, codependence & boundaries, self authority & emotional intelligence


Keys to the heart in a grandiose library
Ashley Beasley Logo

for Empaths

October 13 - Nov 17, 2021


  • 6, live group sessions via Zoom with Ashley

    • ​1.5-2hrs (value $1200)

    • Each session includes a combination of movement, energy work/meditation, teaching topic, q+a/sharing

    • Recordings will be sent if you can't make the lives.

  • 1hr private Akashic Records session (value $195)


  • A safe, supportive and intimate community to connect with over the course.

  • Private Facebook group to connect to your community.

  • Supporting Resources, Guides, PDF's

  • *Bonus* Access to my Intro to Meditation course w/ 7 downloadable audio recordings including Beginner's Guide videos and my "Secrets to Meditating Effectively" toolkit. (value $99)

Value of   $1,500

Special Offer for 2021 course   $888

Early Bird Discount (by October 7)    $749
Ashley holding incense

It's normal to get nervous before committing to change. 


 If this is you, ask yourself:

  • Do I continue to put energy into other people and their goals instead of myself?

  • Do I continue to do the same thing but expect a different result in my life?


  • Do I want change, but fear the result?

Client Experiences

"Everything we work on in our sessions, over a the next few days, weeks or months becomes clear to me and I feel like I am 100% guided.


When fear stops me from acting on areas that I need to tackle, my higher self-intervenes  in the most positive and loving way, with a much more positive outcome than I could wish for.

I feel my deepest connection ever, to the Source."

Tania Leonardi, Lighting Designer

Ashley with arms wide open


  • What type of yoga do you teach?
    I teach my own style, but it can basically be described as a mix between basic hatha postures, deep stretching and somatic movements that work on nervous system balancing directly. My teaching speed ranges from yin and restorative - holding passive postures for 2-10 minutes and medium, vinyasa style flow. I always take injuries, experience levels and different body shapes and capacities into account when teaching and work with where the students are at. I like using emotional, sensory and breath capacity feedback as cues to keep pointing student's attention inward. Long savasanas and some sound vibration at the end of classes are usually how I close.
  • What kind of meditation do you teach?
    We focus on mind/body connection and awareness techniques, breath awareness, building awareness of different energy centers in the body and sensations/emotions, as well as allowing you time and space to explore pure beingness, the space between thoughts, the void. While these techniques are ubiquitous and prevalent across many different traditions, styles and cultures meditation, it could predominantly be described as based in Vedic philosophy while focussing on energy/sensations/emotions in the body.
Ashley holding her heart

Energetics for Empaths

Oct 13 - Nov 17

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Value of   $1,500

Special Offer for you   $888

Early Bird Discount by October 7    $749

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