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Spiral Staircase


We start with a 1 hour Akashic Records session.

When I open your Records, I become a channel for divine guidance. You'll see where you are on your soul's journey, the obstacles in your way and the pathway forward. We channel universal perspective and specific strategy on how to apply the guidance in your life. You receive energetic and emotional healing, as well as revelation and breakthrough. We are aligning you with your Higher Self - your Purpose.

The process usually involves clearing negative thought patterns that are holding you back first, then the vision for who you are stepping into becomes more clear. The more sessions you have, the more time you get to receive life coaching as well. This helps you integrate the changes that have occurred and ground and solidify any final questions you have about your process.


We discuss clear, actionable steps to integrate realizations into your life in a practical way to sustain lasting growth and change and send you recordings, suggestions and homework in an email.


Determine where you are and where you've come from, from your Soul's perspective


Take action steps toward your Embodied Vision.


Clarify your Purpose, Vision and Goals.


Develop spiritual self-care practices to keep you focussed and in tune on your path.


Identify and Clear Mental / Emotional Blocks along the way.


Discover a new level of trust, self love and ability to create the life you want to live.

Ready to get started?

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