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Ashley in a yoga pose with hand mudra


Ground and Uplift

Use this Grounding and Uplifting practice every morning to connect you with the Earth and with Source energy. This both helps to ground you and give you vitality from the earth, as well as connect you with your Higher Self to bring forth greater intuition and wisdom.

Click here to download practice instructions.

Practice to Ground and Protect.jpg

Prayer to Release Negative Thought forms and Energy

Use this prayer every day in the morning and any time you feel negatively. Sometimes, especially for sensitive people, we can pick up a lot of thought forms from the outside world and not understand why we're not feeling our best. Do this prayer and see how you feel before and after you say it.

Click here to download prayer.

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Benjamin Hardy's Peak State Checklist

An article on different morning routines to implement into your day and why it's so important!

Click here to download article.

Yoga by the Sea
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