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Winter Solstice Gift

Even though things have been speeding up around us in America in the usual capitalistic Christmas frenzy, the approach of the Winter Solstice has been pulling me inward.

And I can tell from how strong and rich meditations have been lately that the cosmic energies are getting stronger -

The Solstice or "the Great Turn" reminds us that this time is one for pause and reflection...

For resting and reseting...

A time for gathering resources and releasing what we no longer need...

It's a reminder of death (not to be macabre, but it's true....)

A reminder to contemplate the year and what we can let go of.

Not in the usual New Moon way...oh no...this is the big one...

Only the small self cares so much about all of the things we've held on so tightly to the whole year...

For me, it's been attachment to success, progress and proving my worth...

In the Hindu culture, the god Shiva IS the Akash - the Ether - the Space - the 5th Element from which all things are born and all things dissolve into (creator, sustainer, destroyer).

He reminds us that at death, the only thing that remains is consciousness. We must surrender everything else (our worries, cares, fears, self doubt, and hope) to the Creator.

In essence, we must die again to be reborn.

The bigger the death, the bigger the rebirth...

So, today, I'm supporting you in your annual reflection and death cycle.

I'm holding that it will be a big one for you and that your faith is strong enough to let go of even more this year, before the new year begins.

Below is a "Connect to your Purpose" 5-step guide-book with some great journaling and self-reflection exercises you can use to connect more deeply within at this time.

Click here to download: Purpose Mini-Guide Free Download.pdf

Happy Solstice [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]. I'm so grateful that you're here traveling this road with me. See you soon!



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