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Why desires matter to your Purpose Path

Hello. I hope this finds you well,

For me, one of the most valuable things we learned last week in the Purpose workshop is what our deepest desires are and how to transmute the pain of not having them into the joy or bliss of pursuing them.

We discovered that when we're denying our deepest desires, we are simply dulling our light.

Because Desires fan the flame of Purpose inside of us.

In the Tantric path of Yoga, they practice transmuting desire into ecstatic bliss with God.

This is a process of reframing our deepest desire as an innate longing to be One with God, and then using that desire as fuel for the journey forward into spiritual liberation, joy, bliss, pure Love.

We don't necessarily want the money, lifestyle, career, house or boat - it's the spiritual bliss and contentment you would feel by accomplishing those things.

There is something mysterious about our deepest desires that we cannot explain and it's woven into the fabric of our very existence.

I totally get this as it relates to Purpose and how Desires pave the way for our unique Purpose path.

No one else is going to take the road you take, and desire is what pulls you forward.

You cannot deny your deepest desires. No amount of meditation is going to "purify" it out of you.

The question is,

"Is this what I really want?"

As we take steps forward on our path, what we really want is revealed more and more.

If you'd like to participate in some "desire reflection" with me this week,

1) Write down a list of 20+ things you want right now. From material things to experiences to accomplishments, etc.

2) Ask your heart "Is this what I really want?" to each thing on the list.

3) See what remains and also, what else shows up as a result of that question and write it down.

Let me know what you find out!

Rooting for your Purpose!


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