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Why Am I Here?

Take a moment to pause this morning, close your eyes and ask your all-knowing Heart this question,

"Who Am I?


Why Am I Here?"

How did you Heart and Body react when you asked those questions? Did they evoke different responses? Were you startled? Anxious? or Blank?

Did you feel expansive and free?

The answers to these questions are why we get up in the morning beyond paying the bills, getting the kids off to school and obliging our boss. The stress and drudgery of living life like this will run anyone into depression and confusion.

Society has set us up to forget this about ourselves. :(

But your birthright is to know who you are as a divine being and understand your value in the evolution and revolution of human consciousness that is happening right now on our planet!

If what you're trying to accomplish with your life is not first based on this, you miss the point completely. The choices you make might fill your pockets with gold, but your heart will still be empty.

This is where I see most purpose and coaching programs getting it wrong.

They are all "Doing" and not enough "Being," keeping people in the linear, mental plane, striving for something outside of themselves when their Purpose lies within.

This is why my 1:1 Purpose Mastery Program is so affective.

Because I bring you back to that experiential knowing of who you are and why you're here, beyond any mental exercise or typical life coaching technique.

Our Akashic Records sessions are deep, connecting you with your Soul's wisdom and strengthening your intuition, dissolving barriers with quantum healing and connecting the dots with enlightening wisdom.

At the same time, you get the workbook in between sessions to keep you engaged and on track. The curated journal prompts and practices ask the right kinds of questions to keep you walking down the Purpose Path in my signature 6-step process.

"After just one month of working with Ashley, I was able to get more clarity and confidence in my path than I had in the entire previous year - and not for lack of trying! I tried multiple avenues, but nothing helped me as much as the inner wisdom that Ashley helped me access. She bridges the gap between the physical & spiritual beautifully - thank you so much Ashley!" ~Justine Patillo~


I invite you to inquire about my program!

I want to start this with you in October, so that the last season of 2022 is the most clarifying and enlightening one, so I am giving a $300 discount to anyone who signs up before October 1st!

More details of this program are coming soon, but find the basics here: Check out my services page.

Email me or book a call with any questions. Act quickly. The discount ends soon.


I believe being in our internal value is the way to serve the world in the highest way and is the most joyous path possible.

Have a beautiful week!


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