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What taboo desires say about You

Hey there, dreamers and visionaries~

I hope this email finds you in a space of boundless curiosity and the courage to dream big.

Today, I want to talk about “Taboo” Desires and how not embracing them holds us back from experiencing true fulfillment.

“Taboo” can mean many things…Humans keep desires secret for all sorts of silly reasons. What is taboo to one person is not to another….

For example, one of my secret desires has always been to be a DJ.

When I was in college, I was talking passionately one night to a friend about music who suggested I apply to be a DJ at our university radio station.

At the time, I would have NEVER considered it because I didn’t think I was badass enough, and so it was taboo for me to consider it.

But because he suggested, I considered it, applied and got the job straight away.

For 1 year, one night a week at 88.9 FM KTSW, I was a badass electronic radio show host called Sonic Impressions, and Boom - I was a DJ.

Desires come from a deeper place in our subconscious that are sometimes intertwined with other feelings of insecurity, anger, revenge, jealousy, shame, guilt and sexual arousal.

But because we’ve been taught that those feelings are bad, we shut off the desires we have intermingled with them in order not to feel them. These become shadows and never truly go away.

But. the truth is, the emotions are simply pointing to deeper desires within us that are important to be acknowledged, expressed and often show us paths we can live our Purpose through!

In the Desires and Purpose Workshop, you will get a chance to explore these more taboo desires that will help you break you free from social conditioning and manifest your purpose and dreams more quickly.

This workshop will guide you to:

  • Identify and confront the limiting beliefs that have kept you playing small.

  • Uncover your true desires and aspirations that go beyond societal expectations.

  • Reframe shadowy desires that help you embrace them with joy

  • Receive Higher Level wisdom from your Higher Self on what to do next

The Desires and Purpose Workshop Replay is now available, and available to you at a special discounted price of just $58, a 40% savings for 2 more days (a total steal).​​

Let's embark on this transformative journey together and unleash the full scope of expansive dreams, courageous actions, and unbounded joy.

Dream big,



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