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What's a Midlife Crisis?

Midlife crisis’ or midlife “rebirths” are one of the most misunderstood, important and powerful initiations we have in society today.

Often misunderstood because they usually come at a time when you think you should be settling down. When you’ve accomplished everything you wanted in family, career and finances - and suddenly everything comes into question - your location, vocation, relationships and of course - purpose.

This is ungrounding for you because you’re essentially re-evaluating your identity as you know it.

And it can be especially confusing for your partner or family because you changing could affect your relationship or their sense of security.

But what you and your family may not realize is that you are re-configuring your life so that you can be in service to humanity in a much bigger and deeper way.

Inspired by a few clients I’ve had recently, I wanted to share some tips for those going through this very big and very important transition in life. This and more inspo/events coming soon!

In the meantime, here's a short video post about the subject. Like, comment or share with someone you think may need some support!

With love and blessings!


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