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What I Didn't Expect about my Relationship to Abundance

Everyone has a different relationship with abundance, because everyone is a totally unique person with different impressions, history and lessons to learn about it.

Through my work with it recently, I have found that for me, every day presents an opportunity to play with a different aspect of my relationship to abundance that is totally unique to my experience....and it's rarely about Money, itself.

Some days I've found blocks to abundance connected to my feelings about security and safety, while others have shown me parts of myself that are in comparison and jealousy.

I've found fear about showing up powerfully and more authentically.

Facing my own fear of death and lack of self-love and perceiving myself as deserving also as gateways to healing my relationship to abundance.

I know...eek...little heavy, right?

But, hey...these are all parts of Me that I've had to face and to make time to face often.

I know if they are here inside of me, and I don't face them first, they will surface in other ways when I'm not expecting the.

And i know if I have these thoughts, others are surely having them, too.

And guess what?

They have all been easily transmutable with my consistent, persistent and compassionate intention.

The practice I use to look at and lift these is one I use with myself and also the amazing people I feel so fortunate to work with and support every week.

Just a couple of recent clients have shared these tangible results during our time working together.

"I got a full price offer on my condo last week and scheduled to close on it August 4th! I am blown away." ~ Amy

"I have 2 jobs!!!! I am SO EXCITED!! I will now have steady income coming in AND still be able to pursue my own clients." ~Stephanie

With the power of intention, compassion and somatic guidance, you too can find abundance in every part of your life and I would love to support you with this goal.

Want to see if my coaching packages are right for you?

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lots of love,



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