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What does it mean to live in Abundance?


What does it mean to you to live in Abundance?

​I’ve never made making an abundant amount of money a priority in my life, in lieu of my own lifestyle, health, wellbeing, spirituality, relationship and purpose pursuits.

​I’ve read a couple books and done some very cerebral money mindset work, but I have never found it to be much help, to be honest.

However recently, I have been sitting in the Records and doing healing work on myself with my relationship to abundance.

And I am finding that every day I ask the Records to show where there are incongruent or shadowy areas in my relationship to abundance, a different theme or lesson comes up to be healed that has NOTHING to do with money.

For example, today the answer was “comparison.”

While I never would have thought of it before, I instantly was given examples and could feel the uncomfortable feelings of jealousy and insecurity in my heart and throat…


If someone were to have asked me why my relationship to money is, I probably would have talked about what I saw of my parent’s relationships to money that I either inherited or disagreed with and did the opposite of.


Yet, through this process, I have been identifying themes that at first glance, would have never come to mind as obstructions or misalignments.


Once I identify the block, I then use techniques within the Akashic Records to let it go and repattern that space with the appropriate emotion/mindset/belief.


I’m sharing this because I believe we all have the ability and the right to feel abundant in all areas of life.


And rarely does our relationship with Money have to do with just Money.


And every single person, even you, will have different experiences unique to them that create the specific belief pattern around Abundance and different experiences that are ready to be recognized and released.


If you’d like to take this conversation deeper, I have a “3 for 2” Akashic Abundance Coaching Package in which we can prioritize your relationship to Abundance and start to feel the flow of Abundance more readily and easily in your life now.


Reply to this message to ask questions/find out more or sign up here.

Lots of love and see you soon!



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