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What does it mean to live from your heart?


Hope you're well!

I have a question for you.

What does it mean to live from your heart?

The first time I went "All In" to live from my heart was back in 2012.

I sold all of my things and left for Thailand with nothing but a backpack and a commitment to find out what it meant to truly live from my heart -

I had to take myself out of my habitual environment and comforts in order to do that in such a big way.

What happened from taking that risk back then was 9 years of a mystical, tropical, fairytale life I could not have imagined...

Such exquisite beauty and magical people, places and experiences living as a yoga teacher in Bali, Thailand and India, that I had to pinch myself regularly.

So, to me, living from the heart means dropping ideas of what I think I should be doing and being open to an even higher plan.

It was the biggest jump I had ever made in my life, and it was worth it.

While not as dramatic of a shift now, at age 41, I find myself in a similar position.

Living in the question instead of the answer and stepping aside for the higher plan to come through and I'm wondering if you are too!

I would love to know what it means for you to live from your heart and any experiences you want to share related to this. Please reply if you feel to share!

I'm leaving you my playlist for the month. Shamanic inspired, of course. Take care and hope you enjoy!

In love and mystery,

Ashley Priscilla Beasley

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