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We are far from simple, 3-D creatures

We are far from simple, 3-D creatures. We are complex individual Souls with multidimensional layers and many lifetimes of experience that we draw on to weave the tapestry of thoughts, feelings, and ideas we experience each moment.

We are a rapidly changing and constantly evolving amorphous concentration of energy - even when we think we are not moving, things are changing without our knowing!

So don’t label yourself or put yourself in a box - because the floodgates of change are always beckoning us to step aside.

The only thing that holds us back or slows us down from shedding the layers is ourselves.

So we can then celebrate and rejoice in our complexity, our moodiness, our flexibility, our changeability, our adaptability even if it looks messy? Because at the same time under it all, we can have the confidence in our ability as adaptable humans and faith that we will grow and expand from it all. ❤️

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Namaste 🙌

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