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Turning Dissonance Into Expansion

Buenos Dias,

As independent, successful (mostly) women living in 1st world countries, you most likely know how to play the game of growing and gaining material wealth.

However, there might be other areas of life you feel lacking or dissonant in.

There is nothing wrong with “misalignments” or “distortions.” We are literally here on earth to be in a perpetual state of expansion.

Integration, Healing and manifesting are all along the same lines. They are all principles of Alignment.

If there’s something off in your relationship or your career. You look at it. You feel it. You’re not completely satisfied. It feels like you’re missing something - because you are!

But there’s nothing wrong with that. It means you’re paying attention. It’s time to grow!

It means you are missing the alignment in that one specific area of life.

It might be a misalignment in perspective, or of self confidence or of faith or of location or your own ability or awareness of what you need, want or how to move forward.

You are always growing and learning and changing, and so is the Universe, so is the cosmos.

We are all in a constant pursuit of re-aligning.

So, don’t get down on yourself. Be about it. Be curious. And if it’s something really important to you, reach out to get help.

So, it is good to notice dissonance, because it gives you the opportunity to place your awareness on what is causing that for you and give it the exact medicine it needs to re-align and expand into wholeness again.

This is the essence of all healing, integration, expansion, learning and growth, and it’s something I help people through in my coaching sessions.

I am not the one doing the healing. I am an intuitive guide holding the space to activate your own inner intelligence.

My intention is to help you connect to your own unshakable faith, clarity and direction in life. To discover the magic and joy that already lives within and around you. So you get exactly what you need to move through life more quickly, and with clarity and ease.

Click here for a 3-Session package or introduction work for Abundance and Emotional Freedom.

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