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Trust yourself and Trust what comes

"Trust yourselves and trust what comes. When you trust what comes, you go into agreement with a future that is trust-worthy... When you trust what comes you create the opportunity to traverse a landscape without fear... When you trust what comes, you claim freedom because you are unafraid." -Paul Selig, The Book of Mastery- ​ We just passed a very powerful portal and some of you may be finding yourselves looking through new eyes, on the other side of a threshold you didn't know you were on. Sometimes god is unexpected and acts in mysterious ways. You may have been working towards something that finally gave way to reward and peace, or life may have suddenly shifted for you and you're needing to find your legs in a big way... We can't predict these things, but we can work on trusting what comes as a way to live without fear, to go into agreement with what god is giving us in the moment, working on the deepest layers of the quantum. What is life showing you now? Are you going into agreement with or resistance and fear? Where are the holes you aren't seeing you can slip right into and slide down that slip-n-slide? ​ With you in service, Ashley ​ p.s. if you would like to know more about what Akashic Coaching for Life Purpose and Career and straight up Akashic Records reading packages can do for you, you can set up a chat with me here. I'd love to talk with you! Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 4402 Terrilance Dr., Austin, TX 78741

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