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Top 3 signs you have more to offer - and what to do next!


Did you get a lump in your throat, eyes widen, or rock in your stomach when you hear that?

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or aspiring one, these are the physical signs that a more aligned expression of your purpose is ready to be explored.

But, the lump in the throat doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to quit your job, take out a business load and go full start-up.

It could take months or years for the beauty of your next big step to unfold.

The more you get real about the natural process, the less likely it is that you hit rock bottom before surrendering to the flow of change and growth. I've done that so many times and it can be unnecessarily dramatic, like getting fired, laid off or broken up with :D

So, instead of waiting for life to dramatically turn you, here are some clear indications to notice that YOU HAVE MORE TO OFFER:

  1. You're confused about the direction of your business and where to put your energy, so it feels like you're spinning your wheels.

  2. You are bored with your work. It's an OK job that makes OK money, but you can't help but think you want work that makes more of a difference in the world, challenges you and aligns to your higher values.

  3. You are frustrated that you don't have more creative control over your time and energy every day. You've earned the rite to be a boss and you're tired of being an employee.

In order to start exploring here, identify which of these 3 areas you are orienting towards?

Do you want to:

  1. Get clear on your life purpose and what you're here to do?

  2. Start applying your life purpose to your work, your career and greater service to the world?

  3. Re-orient your career path and changing business goals to fit the internal shifts you are going through personally?

If any of this is ringing true for you and you want to explore catalyzing this process I invite you to schedule a call with me.

My December Akashic Coaching starter package is intended to support your purpose/business exploration and transition that I'd love to help you get started on.

Schedule a call here to see if it's right for you!

With love,


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