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The only true freedom comes from within

The United States carries heavy karma. Anyone who lives here (myself included) has to deal with the constant bombardment of media propaganda hijacking emotions and playing on fear.

What if we did not listen to any of the collective media rhetoric and just kept focussing on expressing your own values and virtues through our life, our work, our relationships?

When we put all of our faith in the government to take care of us and mass media to inform us, we give others authority over our minds, bodies and livelihoods.

The only way we can be victims is by giving in to the idea that they have actual power over us.

If you’re living inside the U.S. today, you also have a heavy karma - the karma of dealing with and healing your own divisive mindset from defensive to cohesive. Only by finding peace in ourselves can we support others in doing so.

The US propaganda machine is strong and it’s based on playing into the ideologies of freedom, safety and control.

But, the only true freedom we have, comes from within. Not without. It’s ever present and ever-lasting.

Our job is to cultivate our awareness of it through meditation, how we treat others and other spiritual practices.

Through self inquiry, we will come to know our own true strengths, weaknesses and values, and come to realize the only true authority of our freedom is ourselves.

With love,

Ashley Beasley

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