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The Secret to Starting a Meditation Practice

If you'd like to start a meditation practice, chances are, you've been exposed to it before, but you haven’t had the time or the space yet to actually do it.

Maybe you’ve heard of all the benefits, like how meditation increases our ability to problem solve and make decisions and promotes positive thinking by helping the brain to produce more feel-good chemicals like serotonin, melatonin and dopamine, which reduces anxiety, fear and depression.

You may have also heard how meditation is an incredible stress reliever - a way to process the information impressed on our minds every day; how it helps us maintain a more neutral perspective in life and reduces knee-jerk reactions to challenges. It balances out our emotions and increases our brain function and mind-use capacity.

It’s a wonder, why with all of these benefits, isn't everyone doing it?

First, is AWARENESS. You have to know that it's not just for monks and priests, but everyday people like you and me can learn how to do it and reap the benefits.

Second, you need an OPPORTUNITY, like a course, retreat or group of people that meets consistently to form the habit. Discovering a practice of meditation doesn’t happen overnight. You may try meditation once or twice over a few year’s time before actually committing to a set period of time to learn and practice, thereby making it something you do as a daily habit.

Third, you have to COMMIT to it over a period of time.

The lasting benefits of meditation occur subtly and exponentially over time. If practiced consistently, the results spill over into every aspect of your life in the most enriching ways, affecting our relationships, how we think, our thought patterns and the understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

My first real introduction to consistent meditation was in 2012, when I decided to do a a 21-Day Online Challenge, in which I was emailed a 15-minute meditation every day.

I had interesting experiences during these first "sits," but it wasn’t until day 12 or so when I began to notice changes in everyday attitude and at work.

For example, one day pressure at work was intense. The expectations that were impressed on me and my team after an already long and arduous day were unreasonable and ordered without common sense or compassion. I was toast and triggered and as if watching the whole scenario from above, I saw myself getting angry. I saw the emotion arise given the circumstances. And I saw the reaction that was about to take place from me, which was to blow up and storm out. However, I didn't. I chose to take some breaths, take a short walk, come back and finish the job. I saw that it wasn't worth the blow up and decided against it.

This kind of awareness was like a super human power at the time and I knew it had everything to do with meditations. I actually was maturing and growing faster because of meditation in just 12 days.

What's the SECRET to meditation? It's commitment. We all have the power to affect the way we experience life.

That is why I offer this super affordable 21-Day Meditation Challenge, to support and guide people through the biggest hurdle of the meditation journey - the beginning!

The power of the mind is infinite. Are you willing to put in the time to find out just how EXPANSIVE YOU can be?

Join my FREE 21-Day Meditation Challenge and commit to inner peace and freedom.

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