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Shadow Work

Good Friday and Full Moon to you!

- as a valued member of this email list and community, you receive thoughtful love-notes that you (hopefully) relate to and benefit from on a level that brings the unconscious to the conscious and (hopefully) helps synergize and catalyze your inner growth and expansion.

Yep, the world is always nudging you from the outside in, and I intend to be one of those nudges ;)

You also get first access to exclusive offers to work with me in powerful Akashic Records coaching containers, workshops and programs clarify your Purpose and catalyze your Soul Mission in life.

My bi-monthly Community Sharing Circle is coming up this Tuesday, June 6 at 5pm, CST.

It's a free online community offering for those who crave a sacred space to be held in and share your authentic truth. If you're not already on the Zoom invite list, you can sign up for it here.

For this week's thoughtful Purpose nudge, I'd like to bring your attention to your Shadows.

Honestly, I think we are all innocent children learning how to be innocent again.

How can we be more accepting of ourselves?

Do you remember what it was like when you were small and innocent?

Do you remember when you were told you were doing something wrong when you did not feel it was wrong in any way?


When you witnessed someone else doing something wrong (that you felt was truly wrong), but couldn't do anything about it?

Remember how confusing it was in those moments of feeling wronged and shamed or having to re-arrange your own inner feelings of right and wrong according to those around you?

As children, we are forced to rearrange our outlook on life in order to survive, to be loved and to be accepted by our tribe, our family, our community, for better or worse.

This molds our minds in deep, dark places that we feel ashamed to go to now for fear of being embarrassed, outcast, unvalidated.

These places are called shadows and allude us until we are blessed with opportunities from life to uncover them.

For example, I know a woman in her 60's who, by her own opinion has had the most perfect life and has never needed therapy or meditation. On the outside, she seems to have it all together, yet suddenly she started having intense, debilitating panic attacks and is being forced to look more deeply within for the answers.

Shadows can also lurk as self-criticisms or criticisms of others - like about our appearance, our bank accounts, our relationship status, our success, our sexual nature, our families and our past.

There is always more to uncover.

My dear you are coming to a time when the masks and self judgements have to come down in order to move forward.

As you do more of this, you create more choices that make a huge difference in your reality. Are you ready to walk this path? In what ways are you already walking it? In what ways are you hiding from it or ignoring it?

If you would like to learn more about working with your shadows in an inclusive and fun way, check out Existential Kink, by Carolyn Elliot.

Thanks for being a part of this community and talk soon,


P.S. To share these insights with a friend, forward them this email and let them know they can sign up for the newsletter here.

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