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Relaxing Into Abundance

Buenos Dias,

What I have been realizing lately is the the more I can give myself what I need energetically and emotionally in the moment, the more relaxed my nervous system is.

The more relaxed I am, the more in touch with my emotions I am.

When I know what my emotions are, I can then become more aware of what I need, whether that's to meet my own needs or communicate boundaries to others, etc.

Look, we all have blind-spots, and sometimes it's necessary to ask for help. Intuitive guides and coaches like myself also need helpers, coaches and mentors.

So, in the spirit of continuously learning how to be responsible, balanced happy adults AND also achieve important goals in life, the baseline requirement is Nervous System Health.

If you achieve your outer goals, but you're still running your nervous system ragged, is it really creating more abundance, joy and vitality inside of you?

Ask yourself this question:

"What reality or changes in life would make my nervous system feel the most calm and relaxed?"

Only then can you get real about what you really need, as opposed to what you think you want.

Because you can lean into the feeling of calmness and serenity as true guides, instead of subconscious fear-based beliefs that perpetuate only more of the same in your life.

So, here's a question for you -

What realities or changes in your reality would make your nervous system feel truly relaxed?

What are you committing to focussing your attention on to allow those changes to occur?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

For coaching, somatic and energy work to help you relax into a more balanced and fulfilling career, lifestyle or relationship, sign up for my 3-session Abundance and Emotional Freedom package.

Lots of love!


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