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Reconnecting to a New Identity

A few days ago, a man I didn't know (we'll call him Dave) messaged me on Facebook recently and said,

"I don't even know how we're connected on FB, but your post came up twice and I'm going through a really rough time. I'm wondering if you can help me."

After scoping his profile and seeing he wasn't a serial killer, I messaged back and said, "Of course. Let's get on a call to see what's up."

Dave happened to be going through an identity crisis at age 42. His occupation in Sales which he loved and thrived in, suddenly did not feel right to him anymore.

These feelings were different than anything else he had felt before.

Deeper than he could understand or touch.

And without anything else to latch onto, this sudden lack of identity had thrown him into a fearful talespin.

After listening to his experiences, it was clear that Dave was going through a midlife rebirth -

A spiritual initiation happening on his Soul's timing -

Inconvenient as it may be for his physical brain to comprehend - his soul is ready to unearth and transform some very deep belief systems.

Does this sound familiar?

After hearing the options, Dave realized he wanted to do the Purpose Mastery program with me, but wasn't ready to commit to the 4-month program and the sticker price.

I understand this, and I also wanted to help Dave.

So, we found a way to work together that felt good for his nervous system.

Dave could work with me on a month-to-month basis, while committing to the support he needed to thrive in his transformation.

Dave booked on the spot and scheduled his first session with me this week.

Thanks to Dave, I'd like to offer this same support for you to help you glean the insight you need for ease into a new fulfilling chapter of Purpose led life.

For a limited time only, I'd like to offer you flexible, month-to-month coaching services.

No long-term commitment. If you like the results you're getting, you get to re-up. We integrate the Purpose Mastery content into your sessions drip fed at your own pace.

In addition to this limited time offer, I'm also hosting the online Purpose workshop this week! Excited to teach and share on this new group platform.

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