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Reading the Past to Heal the Future

When I tell people I practice Akashic Records Readings and they’ve heard of it before, a common misconception is that I read people’s past lives.

But when we access the Records, we’re accessing information that is stored in the Quantum Field in a Quantum way. It is not linear. It’s all happening right now simultaneously. So, the information that comes up is what is relevant for the receiver in this moment.

Recently, I was doing healing work on myself through the Akashic Records and the emotional wound that was coming up for me was one of not belonging, not being accepted.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this feeling of not being accepted and never truly belonging. It ran so deeply in me, that I can could see it reflected in almost every area of my life for as far back as I can remember (3-4 years old) and could recall the emotion very easily at any time.

Through my work with the Akashic Records (and a compassionate colleague), I was able to find the origin of this belief of never belonging and of being unaccepted to just 8 weeks after conception, as an embryo in my mother’s womb.

I was able to recall details about what was happening around her at that time, and how it affected me.

I could feel, see and experience the depth and understanding of that situation in a way that was profound, both releasing myself and anyone else of blame.

I was then able to use the power of the Akashic Records to release and dissolve the feelings of not belonging and not being accepted and replace them with the actual truths of Acceptance, Belonging, Empowerment, Joy and Love.

Within the powerful field of the Akashic Records, these experiences are real and tangible, like being transported to another dimension, where we can literally see things in our lives from a much Higher Perspective, let go of our limiting beliefs, see and be the truth of who we really are.

Here is an account from recent client Haylee Burton, Artist, Musician and Yoga Teacher in Bali.

“My Akashic records reading with Ashley (Priscilla) blew me away! I did not expect it to be so impactful! We uncovered physical, energetic, emotional & psychological dilemmas in my life, showing me the interrelationship of these challenges. The reading offered me insight into how to transform and move forward. Priscilla is highly intuitive and a clear channel for this work, and I felt shifts in my subtle field from the healing work we did during the session. I will definitely work with her again . Thank you!”

These are a few examples of, although not limited to, what we can address while in the Records:

-Forgiving ourselves and others who we harbour resentment for.

-Needing higher level guidance with a decision or direction in life.

-Addressing a long-term problem or a deep emotional issue for emotional or spiritual healing.

-Wanting to understand certain aspects or areas of our lives more deeply.

-Releasing ourselves energetically from a person, place, thing or organisation.

-Having difficulty with life in general and needing higher level energetic support.

Working with the Akashic Records is like opening the portal to the unseen support that lies beyond the mind. There’s no limit to the expansion and love that awaits.

If you are interested in learning more about working with the Akashic Records or scheduling a session, contact me here.

With love,


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