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Overcome Confusion and Overwhelm

You may notice a general numbness you can’t quite put your finger on. No clear access to your emotions or thoughts. No opinions, no objections, no process.

It feels like there’s alot up in the air and you’re just a passenger with no clear actionable path.

You may have just been told some information that has suddenly destabilized your world. Or you are faced with too many decisions and responsibilities right now and don’t know how to move forward with any of them.

Overwhelm and Confusion is a very real thing, and it’s a version of the Fight/Flight/Freeze state that happens when we feel out of control or threatened at a primal level.

Problem is, most of us don’t realize we’re in it.

If we can’t feel our emotions and can’t think clearly, we’re unable to make clear, aligned decisions which makes us susceptible to even messier and more challenging situations to come.

What do you do when you think you might be in a state of Confusion and Overwhelm?

Here is a simple, 3-step process to get out of it.


Come back to your body where you can again clearly feel and think. It could be 1 hour, it could be 4 hours. Any physical activity. Do it.


In this state your mind is like a tornado, but fear is preventing you from acting in accordance with your highest good. It’s like you’re going into overdrive, yet spinning your wheels. Rest helps your subconscious “organize the chaos” in your mind naturally. So, chill, sleep, zone out in nature, meditate, rest your weary mind.


When you resolve, you will feel a “click” in your mind/body/soul to make a aligned decision.. Don’t worry about making the wrong decision here. Making any choice that is in congruence with mind/body/soul is bringing you forward to the next step in life aligned with your highest good.

Have you ever experienced confusion and overwhelm? Let me know!

With love,


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