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Nature Teachings

Looking to nature is always a beautiful way to get perspective.

Meditating on how a body of water - any body of water - flows and behaves can give incredible wisdom

A massive tree can exist aside a small plant and neither suffers because both are getting the exact amount of water and light that they need.

A tree doesn't discriminate with what it gives shade to. It just gives shade. And the ones who need it thrive underneath that shade. How are we helping to support others? How can we notice more of the factors in our environment (people, places, circumstances) that are already supporting us or are already available to us?

What environments are supporting our nervous systems to relax so that we can heal and grow?

In what ways are we stressing out by trying to adapt to environments that are unnatural for us?

We are each encoded with unique DNA that has its own inherent intelligence. That sequence shows us not only how to thrive in our natural environment with others, but also how to adapt when our environment or resources are stressed.

The deeper we know ourselves and are listening, the easier we can make decisions that support our continued organic growth rather than hinder it.

Even in a drastically simplified living situation, like here in Costa Rica, I still have to have a strict meditation and movement plan to quiet the monkey mind and listen to the heart.

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