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June Solstice Reflection Exercise

Happy June Solstice,

While I'm a little behind the curve this year, I was gifted this reflection for the solstice that I'll pass on. It put things in perspective for me that made me realize how far I'd come.

Since June Solstice marks half-way through the calendar year, one very simple way to bring intention to this powerful time is to:

1) Reflect on where you were in your life during the December Solstice, six months ago and where you are now.

  • What were you going through then that is different now?

  • What came to fruition from your intentions (known and unknown)

  • What happened that you didn't expect?

  • Can you see the path of growth you took?

  • What accomplishments, miracles, and learnings took place over that time period for you?

2) Now, looking forward to the next six-month cycle, what seeds are you planting to nurture into fruition?

  • Can you summarize your felt intention in 1 or 2 words?

  • What does that look like in the real world, manifested?

  • Can you set your intentions/wishes for each area of your life? (location, home, family, friends, career, finances, etc?)

To help you celebrate, I put together a little dance playlist for you.

(almost literally the 20 most recent songs I've 'liked' on my Spotify, arranged in a not so random way.

May you dance your intentions to life this next cycle with joy.

Much love!


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