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January Purpose Portal Update

You may have noticed, this year has started off with a pause...

You may be back at work falling asleep behind the computer, wondering where your motivation has gone...

You may be looking at your promotion opportunities or new jobs offers with a serious lack of interest...

If this is you, you're in luck. Why?

Because it means you're paying attention to your inner voice.

It means change is coming, but you're getting a grace period to reflect and reconsider your priorities.

And before you make any big decisions, see if you can answer a full body "yes" to these 2 questions:

  • Are you connected to your joy when pondering this possibility?

  • Is this possibility connected to my dreams or the dream-life I'd like to live?

I call it "grounded inspiration."

And if you're making decisions based in "grounded inspiration," you are on your most direct path to prosperity, alignment and growth.

So how do you find this place inside yourself?

Here are a couple of places to start with, in my January Purpose Portal update:

January Playlist

Some very chill, fresh reggae vibes I'd love to share with you that will keep you going without the pressure to "get anywhere fast."

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