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I Got Everything I Wanted

Transitioning from 10 years of island Yoga Teacher, Spiritual travel life in Southeast Asia, to living totally on-grid back in the U.S. has not been easy. But, when I look at the way my life has unfolded here, I can see I am getting everything I wanted. I have freedom. I’m doing what I love in my work through Akashic Coaching where the sky's the limit. I have a beautiful working relationship with Curcuma, a locally owned Ayurvedic superfood business that is 100% in line with my values. And I’m working with a non-profit to support Veterans and First Responders with PTSD to overcome their challenges, called Heroic Path to Light. I have reconnected to my blood family again who love me unconditionally. I am again able to be a part of babies growing, marriages commencing, location moves, holidays, the process of death and dying and day-to-day life, which is priceless. I am making such beautiful friends here and have started to find my circle, my tribe, my soul family. I have reconnected with my Indian Guru's spiritual community in Austin, which is a total surprise! My home is a super stylish, single unit remodeled abode with a huge outdoor deck, Oak trees and a view of nature right in the middle of Austin. It is easy to forget that I have gotten everything I wanted coming back to the States because it has been more challenging than I thought it would be and more challenging than all my years living in Bali and Thailand. And still, it’s human nature to look at everything we don’t have instead of everything we do. But, I see that it takes continuously checking in with myself to clarify my desires, making sure my needs are met, keeping myself in a balanced state of mind and trusting that I AM ACTUALLY CO-CREATING WITH THE UNIVERSE every step of the way rather than giving in to the false idea that I am not. The lesson in this for me: (and hopefully a little sparkle for you too) Instead of looking at everything in our lives we HAVEN’T ACCOMPLISHED as proof of our shortcomings, can we look at everything we HAVE CREATED as proof of our POWER? There is a New Moon coming up on Thursday and it's a really good time to clarify what we have created so far and what desires are calling us forward into more creation. Bringing more conscious awareness to what we actually are creating in our lives. Thanking all of you for our connection!

In love and service,


P.S If you are interested in connecting to the ethers to clarify what you are creating in this next moon cycle, I do have 1-month Akashic Records Coaching plans available. Click here to find out more.

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