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How to use FIRE to transform with this Eclipse

Last night was a Solar Eclipse/New Moon and I have been feeling the intensity for a couple of days, as well as some upset in my outside world causing instability, anger and sorrow...

These events have also been showing me my own blindspots and recurring patterns that I'd like to change and go about differently...

So, I meditated with the Solar Eclipse sunset last night and asked Spirit to show me all the ways I hold myself back.

I wrote those down and became clear of the most important and sticky mindset shifts I'm ready to change.

Then I burned them in a symbolic act of offering my prayers to the Divine for support in transforming them...

Old habits die hard....And my perspective is that those ways of being are also what make us beautiful and unique.

They are not to be hated, but to be embraced and lived fully.

Because they're gifts to us and the world around us. It's only when those ways of being become a roadblock for the ways we'd like to live and be, that we ourselves get to discover with wonder what it's like to see with new eyes.

If you're experiencing some intensity in life and emotions right now, keep in mind, they might be particularly intense as a reflection of the Solar Eclipse / Lunar Eclipse portal we just entered for the next 2 weeks.

Look at it as a gift.

Use fire every day as a way of prayer and meditation and to have some physical act of deliberate conscious co-creation with your manifestations (aka your life).

You are the renewable resource.

Fire is the technology of transformation in the natural world. It can be a powerful agent of internal change for you, too.

People have been praying to the fire for time immemorial for a reason. In times of change, challenge, confusion or sorrow, sitting around the fire, gazing in and letting the flames consume your thoughts is an ancient way of prayer and to speed up processes that you are having a hard time getting clarity on. It also gives you something to "do" so you don't feel so powerless.

Here are some sweet articles on ways to use fire in rituals if you'd like to read more...

I invite you to reach out if you are ready for some Akashic Support at this time.

My month-to-month 3-session guidance offers are still on offer and you can reply to this email if you'd like to learn more.

With you in love and support,


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