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How to Move Forward in Life


How are you today? Thinking of you!

Many people come to me wanting to know their "next steps" - and often those answers don't come in the way they expect them to right away.

Does this sound familiar? Asking for an answer and not getting exactly what you want how you want it?

Life is always calling you back to the present moment.

Your Next Steps start with what is in front of you.

If you are anxious and fearful because you're overwhelmed with responsibility or the unknown of your future security - the thing to do is to deal with the the emotions you feel right now in the present moment.

If you cannot become Present and deal with those emotions, You will continue to make choices from the same state of mind, keeping you in the same loops with the same problems perpetually.

What you're looking for is soul connection.

"For most, there is no longer one purpose to life. Instead, there is a dynamic process of living fueled by meaning and clarity in this moment, expanding and integrating to support the choice of next steps." ~ Cheryl Marlene ~

If this is something you're craving support with, you're in luck. I have a couple ways to work with me this month and I'd love to see you, whether in person or virtually!

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