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How to keep up with the speed of life :)

Hi, beautiful! Hi, handsome! ;)

Some insights about the nature of our work here..

It is incredible to me how much more we as humans have to process on a daily basis just to keep up.

(This is part of the reason I live in a sleepy Costa Rican town surrounded by nature :) )

Even still, you have to know, if you ask for an upgrades, by gosh, you are going to get it.

And it might come as a smack in the face or some other unsavory, confronting experience.

Do you experience this?

The evolution of the planet, humans and the consciousness behind it all, are moving at a faster rate now.

So, we need better, quicker, more nuanced tools to release our "distortion patterns" in order to keep up with the times.

Distortion patterns are the muck that keep us held back. They are layers that cloud our experience of life and tint our perspectives. They are complex and nuanced and have been built up over lifetimes and lifetimes. It's our "job" as humans to recognize and release them, so we can evolve and expand.

As you evolve, the way you move through life becomes easier, because you're not grinding against the grain of consciousness, which wants to be free of as much distortion as possible.

This happens in waves continuously through life. Different levels of awareness. Different layers of distortion patterns and identity releasing.

This means more synchronicities, more flow, higher quality of life, less internal and external conflict, more fulfillment with what you are doing day-to-day and feeling good about where you are going.

I am a proponent of finding easier, faster ways of letting go of my own distortions and recently, have been gifted with a more direct, precise way of working with people in the higher frequencies. This new way requires less engagement from you, as I'm able to identify and remove distortion patterns more easily. It's less work for both of us and more powerful for you, essentially :)

As a way to introduce you to this work, I'd love to offer you a special discount for single and double sessions through November 30th.

Click the links to book in for distance sessions, while they are still available.

Excited to work with you. Feel free to reply to this message if you have questions about it before booking.

Baby Sea Turtle Love,


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