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How to have a Different Experience + Sharing Circle Update

Good morning/evening

I've been exploring different ways of my own being lately and it's been bringing up a lot about "choices" and "safety".

It's been my experience that it's way easier to receive what is offered to us than go for what we really want...

Here's why.

Safety comes in different forms, and the world is always offering us choices...

We will usually make the same choice disguised in different ways again and again because our subconscious is hard-wired to achieve the safety we know from the past.

So, we keep getting the same results in different ways.

A teacher of mine used to call this Mis-Wiring. Because we keep making the choice that is giving us the result we Don't want, as opposed to what we really Do.

I know this very well and it's exhausting.

In terms of opportunities in love or career, the opportunity comes disguised as the "answer", but in fact it's just the easy way out.

What about you?

In what ways are you settling for Less because it's easier than going for Different?

Having different experiences of life is the mark of real change.

Here are 3 ways to empower you to step outside of your comfort zone and produce a "different" internal experience of life on the daily.

1) Ask yourself "What if I had different goals?"

I asked a client this question recently because I had asked myself the same question, and it stopped her in her tracks. This is a great question to explore because it will re-orient you to a different trajectory and thus, a different experience.

For example, if your goal has always been 'security', what if your goal was 'fun' instead?

Or if your goal has always been to be comfortable or accommodating, what if your goals were oriented towards "expression" or "freedom".

The same could go the other way. If your goal has always been "freedom", what if your goal was "sustainability?"

2) Find Creative Expression

Most people, including myself, don't honor their creativity enough. There is a whole world of creative expression waiting to explode from underneath the surface of our hearts. And all it needs is an outlet.

Find your outlet and dedicate 30-45 min to one of those outlets to explore your feelings.

Use dancing, singing, skits or theatre, free-form writing, drawing, painting or something else to let yourself go a little wild.

Creative expression gives you permission to explore your deeper desires, your inner child's experience and other kinds of experiences outside the confines of the mind.

When you're done with this exploration, you will be in a totally different experience of yourself and of life.

3) Go somewhere you've never been to, even if it's a different part of town or a new park or museum.

Our brains turn on automatic functions when we're living the same experiences every day.

Going to a new physical environment can help stop the automatic replay of the brain and place you in a different frame of mind that is conducive to new ideas, new thoughts and experiences.

What are some of the repeat experiences you have that you'd like to "flip the script" on in your life? Feel free to share with me!

Before I forget, last week's online community sharing circle was so nourishing and I want to thank everyone who came. We will have another one this upcoming Tuesday at 5pm MT. If you would like to be included in the next one, send me an email to be reminded of the zoom invite now, and i'll add you to the list.

Hope you have an amazing week and weekend. I have some exciting offers to start sharing with you soon.


Ashley Priscilla Beasley

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