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How to Discover Unconscious Beliefs

"I have to make money in order to be successful."

"Life will be hard if I don't conform,"

"I can't actually get what I want."

You might be carrying subconscious attachments to ideas you've created in your head, or "stories", that are coloring your experience of life...

And so no matter what you want or achieve, you will likely sense the same struggle, just packaged in different ways.

I like to call these common threads "Pathways to Purpose" - they are both your biggest adversaries and strongest guide into liberation - and it's one of the most important pieces of my Purpose Mastery Process.

Are you aware of the subconscious stories undermining your goals and achievements?

Try this: Get out a piece of paper and write down what you want.

Then ask yourself why you want those things (what qualities or value they would bring to your life), and write those down.

Then ask yourself again why you want those things on the 2nd list (what qualities or value they would bring to your life), and write those down.

Through this process - ask your "Is this True?" And look for the feeling of truth (Yes or No) to hit you inside.

You might discover some misguided truth there.

It might be a story that you can't have what you want.

Or you might discover your main motivation is coming from the mind/ego instead of a deeper more altruistic place.

The more we ask ourselves "why" we want what we want, the closer to that truth we'll get.

I'd love to share a video on the Purpose of Life by Eckhart Tolle to inspire.

My Purpose is to awaken your inherent gifts, uproot subconscious beliefs and shine light on your path forward through my Purpose coaching programs.

I'm calling in 2 aligned souls for my 1:1 Purpose Mastery Program starting this month.

If this is calling you and you want to hear more, set up a time to connect with me below

Excited to grow with you in 2023.


Ashley P Beasley

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