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How the Akashic Records Changed My Life

The first time I experienced the Akashic Records consciously was 2011. One of my friends introduced me to a spiritual counselor, Brynne, who used the Akashic Records to help people.

I was going through a massive shift in perspective about my buzzing life in Los Angeles, my lucrative career in commercials, my long-term relationship and my future.

I didn't realize it, but my life was at a critical point and it felt like if something didn't change I was going to experience a slow, agonizing death inside.

I didn't really know what to expect (a crystal ball?), but it wasn't that.

Brynne was a pro. She worked out of a big professional building in Orange County. She had official forms to fill out, a waiting room and an assistant, just like any normal counselor would.

As soon as I met her, she made me feel comfortable and cared for. She explained how the session would go. We did a short meditation and she'd say a prayer. Then we could ask questions and get answers from my "Akashic Records."

As soon as she opened the Records, I started to feel calm and relaxed. I felt an expanse of love open up. We had definitely entered a different energetic field.

She described that my guides were there present in the room, surrounding, loving and supporting me.

I felt their presence and love so tangibly that I burst into tears.

I finally felt so understood in a world that seemed to be leaving me behind. It was confirmation that my feelings of disdain from my current reality were valid and I wasn't crazy!

The truth was, it was me who was ready to leave that reality and step into a new one - one with possibilities I couldn't yet imagine, but knew were there.

I explained my current life situation, my struggles, and asked my questions. Through the Akashic Records, she helped me see my need for change and growth were valid and the possible realities that lay ahead.

Had I not experienced that, I may never have seen the possibilities, just sitting there waiting for me to step into, or perhaps it would have taken me much longer to see them.

Had I not felt the unconditional love from this Source of Higher Love, I may never have felt the support to have the emotional releases I needed to move forward or the confidence to take the steps into these new possibilities.

The sessions I had with Brynne were powerful in influencing my current reality - one I never could have dreamt of 10 years ago - having had a 7-year career leading yoga and meditation retreats on the beaches and jungles of Thailand and Bali, feeling truly at home in myself and that I'm truly on the right path.

I now have the privilege to call Brynne my mentor and the ability to offer Akashic Records Readings to others.

If this is something that you are curious about, please visit my newly designed website for more information, to book a free connection call or an Akashic Records Session with me.

All my love,


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