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Grandmother Medicine

In August, both of my grandmothers passed away…just 4 days apart from each other.

Through it, I had the privilege to witness and support both sides of my family as they dealt with the deaths and myself, as well. I think the "double deaths" enhanced the experience of processing death and grief for me so that I could see the gifts in them.

I believe that when we are born, we inherit our parent's unresolved issues which have been passed down to them from generations back.

When we heal and clear our own issues, we are clearing them for generations to come. Our children and family members don't have to bare the burden of our pain anymore, unless it's part of their own design to keep learning from them. Mirroring is how we learn in life and if a certain pattern is mirrored all around us, we are more likely to take those patterns on as our own.

Having both grandmothers pass at the same time, and being with my families has exacerbated the familial patterns I still carry and allowed me to reflect and take actions on the ones I want to heal in myself.

Many of us go through stages in life where we see aspects of our family we don't like (i.e. teenage years), so we rebel against them, stuff what we don't like in a closet deep inside our psyches, but don't actually learn the lessons they came here to show us.

"Ayahuasca" is often called the Grandmother of plant medicines. There are many analogies we can make from this, but an obvious one is that she shows us the shadow side that we have hidden and helps us move through the pain of integrating our shadow beliefs instead of rejecting them.

Through this re-integration, these experiences help us to be at choice with them and come to “know” all aspects of life and ourselves. To rise above. To be in unity.

The Akashic Records can show us those darker shadows that are waiting to be seen and learned from.

If you are going through a similar process and want to know more, you can set up an Intro/Info session with me to see how we could work together to bring you greater understanding, unity and love.

With love,


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